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Jul. 10th, 2013 07:23 pm
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[there's a kid in pigtails rolling a suitcase through Camp, on her way to knock on a few doors]


May. 24th, 2012 01:08 pm
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Calling a hiatus starting tomorrow afternoon! I'm going out of town for the weekend and won't really have time to play. I'll be back Monday evening and will still be reachable by plurk ([plurk.com profile] kinetotype) and email (oh.well.feeling at gmail). This applies to Mindy, Wendy Watson, annnd Hardison!
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GIFTS! From Mindy and Wendy. I probably forgot people in which case let me know because. yes.

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Slowatus for the next week or so! Last full week of classes plus extra shifts at work means I'll be spotty and sort of unreliable for a bit. I'll still be threading but may randomly drop things for hours at a time and then come back to them a day later at 3 a.m. BEAR WITH. This applies to Mindy and Wendy o/
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HEY DUDES it's time for a semi-hiatus notice! I'm flying back to school on Saturday morning and I'll be pretty unavailable all weekend and probably hella spotty during the week. If there are 4th wall threads that people may think are at all relevant to my interests then do link me via email/plurk/this post!?! because sob this event, it is wonderful.

Annnd this applies to Mindy/Wendy Watson/Anemone \m/


Mar. 10th, 2011 09:24 pm
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I have approximatively six million threads to pick up with both Mindy and Anemone. I WILL DO THIS! It's just been midterms for the last two weeks and there was homeworking going on. Hence why Mindy hasn't been around so much for counselors to tag. I am sorry! This is mostly over now. Let's threading, guys.

Also my three hour flight at seven in the morning means ANYTHING EVER meme. Relationships/essay questions/favorite icons/threads/whatever just please give me something to do in the airport that keeps my mind off the creeper I will inevitably sit next to.
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R-retroactive hiatus notice? WHOOPS but school started + lol I get off work at 4 a.m. + that gave me a MONSTER COLD means that I didn't get to thread last week... at... all. And this will probs continue until next Monday because I have a weddin' to go to this weekend. \m/

xmas gifts

Dec. 14th, 2010 05:08 pm
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Here is Mindy/Hit Girl's list of gifts! If you think I have forgotten someone let me know. Anemone's list will go up... soon! ish.

Vanya, Steve, Rick, Dante, Tony, Ys, Damian, Raidou, Haruki )
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herp derp hiatus notice for Hit Girl/Anemone/Nono/Yogi! Leaving for Canada tomorrow and won't be back until Monday, will probably be too busy and/or ridic tired to do much threading. I know I have some outstanding threads (I DIDN'T FORGET ABOUT YOU, TSUKUMO ;;b) and I promise I will pick those up... soon. yes.
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Calling a hiatus/semi-hiatus! On Thursday I begin the drive back to the land of Rain and Learning and then will have to spend the weekend trying not to set my roommate's various piles of things on fire. If I don't succeed and get arrested by the campus police, remember me as I was! Otherwise I should be back to normalish playing by next Wednesday. I apologize for the inevitable placeholder and super late comments I'll be leaving until then o/
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Just as a note! I'm going through and replacing all of Mindy's icons with new, ~dvd quality~ ones. I'm trying to keep keywords, but threads may get borked on accident, so. sorry? Goddammit how is this movie really dark and really orange at the same time

Also I was going to essay on things but typing up select quotes from the Director's commentary seems easier. "If it wasn't for all the brainwashing it would be the perfect father/daughter relationship" indeed.
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1. For anyone who'd notice: through the magic of timespace, Mindy/Hit-girl disappeared for the past couple of days! Pretend I wasn't playing her then, oops. Ys poisoned her and she locked herself in the pool house the minute she knew something was wrong, and avoided talking to anyone. Feel free to bring this up IC.

2. And because I'm sick of looking for these: Helpful links )
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What it says on the box! Mindy hit 1k so First impressions meme for Hit-Girl/Mindy. Also if you have any questions about headcanon or motivations or something you can ask that too? Whatever \o/
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Mindy is from the "real" world, and is a huge comic book fan. This means that she may in fact recognize a number of the characters wandering around camp! And since I know that everyone has different levels of comfort re: meta, I want to make 100% certain I never step on anyone's toes with Mindy.

So! While I will be checking everyone's permissions memes religiously and keeping her working knowledge of camp characters to a minimum, I would like to know if anyone has anything they aren't comfortable with in regards to recognition/GEEK KNOWLEDGE that they did not mention in their character's journal.

...also if anyone want to volunteer to be fangirled at/recognized specifically, that's cool too!
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Physical traits: Short, pretty lightweight, has blue eyes! Mindy has blonde hair, is usually wearing something pink and girly, and can be gosh darn adorable when she feels like it! Hit-Girl wears a purple wig and her costume looks like this.

Medical Info: Has sustained more broken bones/general injuries than the average 13-year-old.

What's Okay To Mention Around Him/Her: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not mention spoilers for the end of the comic. Mindy's from the end of the movie, which is a different beast in terms of Mindy and her father.

Abilities: Mindy is very athletic. She's got higher than average endurance, acrobatic skills, and is much stronger than the average kid her age. She's an excellent marksman and is proficient in the use of a buttload of weapons.

What she is NOT good at is hand to hand combat with people who are significantly bigger than she is and who are just as well trained. She is, after all, still a bitty little girl.

Notes for the Psychics: Nothing big and scary! Uhh she misses her parents and blames herself for her mom's death? And feels pretty guilty about what happened at the warehouse.

Can I poke/punch/harass: Sure, but she will poke/punch/possibly stab right back

Can I recognize Mindy as Hit-Girl and vice versa: If your character is psychic/observant/smart enough to see through the wig and the costume, then by all means! Just please don't go sharing the secret identity information with the rest of camp without chatting with me first.

Hugging/Kissing/Other non-violent physical contact: Go for it!?? She might punch you.

Maim/Murder/Death: If the thread is going that way, I'm cool with maiming! Death I will probably avoid.

Cooking: Easy Mac and PB&J is about the extent of her culinary abilities.
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Character: Mindy Macready (Hit-Girl)
Series: Kick-Ass (movie)
Character Age: 13

canon )


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